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Gerelakos - The role play game

Gerelakos is a Role Play Game for the Amstrad CPC6128 and 6128 Plus computer range. Tolkin and TFM of FutureSoft are working on it. Tolkin creates  stroy-line, plot, graphics, maps and TFM does the coding.

Gerelakos - technicals

Gerelakos is being made for the Amstrad / Schneider CPC6128 and Amstrad 6128 Plus computer range. A memory expansion up to 4 MB will be used if present.

You should use a CPC6128 or 6128 Plus with a 512 KB RAM expansion to limit level loading time. Further the IDE8255, CPC-IDE and SYMBiFACE II interfaces are supported. The game is slightly different if you're using a color or a green screen, a CPC6128 or a 6128 Plus computer.

Gerelakos runs under FutureOS, the only CPC-OS which provides the power to run such a big game.

Now some features of Gerelakos:

Running through the landscapes:


Gerelakos - Links

Tolkins Homepage (A page related to Role Play Game).

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